Saint Effects started as a project with Sara AS S Rain as sort of a long distance colllaboration of the Interwebs. We both instantly agreed on the name, Saint Effects, infact it was one of the email addresses she gave me to contact her at. She lives in Tehran, and has to use a proxy to even see most of the websites and hosts we used for collaboration, so the entire thing felt like dialing into the darknets or touching into some sort of lost civilization or extradimensional alien world. Alot of the collaboration was about technology, both the pros and cons, as well as how it effects civilization worldwide. The rest of the collaboration I would say was our personal kinship and affection towards one another. Trans Dimensional Glide is one of those cross-cultural starships where race, creed, and religion don't apply. Infact, in the future we have envisioned, I'm sure electricity don't apply either if music can be made like this from such great distances via wireless transduction of thought and power.




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